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Shelf SR02
The minimal and funktional design of the SR series is inspired by the processes involved in ship building, and the possibilities of deforming, cutting and assembling steel sheeting. Used to display decorative objects or as a kitchen storage unit, the SR series is accommodating for a range of containers, bottles and jars.

Shelf SR02 is made out of 1,5mm steel-sheeds. The parts are laser cut and welded. Shelf SR02 is powder-coated. It is invisibly fixed to the wall by a holding rail.

Dimensions L/H/W: 81 x 127 x 20 cm
shed height: 22 / 17 / 17 / 26 / 36 cm
Colour: Anthrazit
Delivery time: max 6 weeks
shipping costs: national: exempt from charges
Price: 2300,00€